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Keeping In Touch

While you remain a member we will keep you informed about our activities, but in the event of you not renewing your membership, we would like to be able to continue to keep in touch with you. To do this you must subscribe to our mailing list.

Membership Types and Rules

Last updated: July 2018


All memberships run from 1st  September to 31st August each year.

Membership Types

  • Performing Member

 This category is for those who wish to perform in a staged production or in a summer concert

Annual Subscription fees are as follows:

Performing in the summer concert(s) but not a staged production                 £25
Performing in a staged production but not the summer concert(s)                 £70
Performing in both a staged production and the summer concert(s)              £80

People in full time education receive a 50% discount on all these fees.

  • Non Performing Member

This category is for those who only wish to sing in an autumn or Christmas charity concert or do not wish to sing or perform at all, but wish to help out in some capacity

Annual Subscription fee                                                                                 £15

If a Non Performing member subsequently wishes to become a Performing member then their Non Performing membership fee will be counted as part payment towards their Performing membership fee.

  • Friend

This category is for those who do not wish to take part in any events in any capacity, but wish to register their support for the society

Annual Subscription fee                                                                                 £15

Friends will be notified of society activities and will be invited to attend the VIP night during show week, but will be required to purchase their own tickets for the show performance.

Membership Admission

Admission to membership is at the discretion of the Committee.  Singers may be required to satisfy the Committee as to their suitability, which will be subject to review from time to time.

The Committee has the power to expel any member who contravenes the Society’s rules or whose conduct, in the Committee’s opinion, is not appropriate for membership.

Subscription Payments

Subscriptions are due by 31st October of the membership year.  No refunds are given if withdrawal takes place within two months of the event.

Social Events, Ticket Discounts, Voting Rights and Committee Membership

Members of all types will be invited to social events, are eligible for society discounts on ticket purchases when offered, and will be given notice of AGMs and EGMs.

Only paid up Performing and Non Performing members have voting rights at AGMs and EGMs and can stand for Committee membership.  Friends have no voting rights and cannot stand for Committee membership.

A co-opted committee member is expected to become either a Performing or Non-Performing member, if he/she is not already one.