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Charity Gift Aid Declaration

Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate.

Gift Aid is reclaimed by the charity from the tax you pay for the current tax year. Your address is needed to identify you as a current UK taxpayer.

In order to Gift Aid your donation you must tick the box below:

I want to Gift Aid my membership fee and any donations or membership fees I pay in the future to Opera Worcester.

I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations in that tax year it is my responsibility to pay any difference.

Please notify us at if you:
• want to cancel this declaration
• change your name or home address
• no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains

If you pay Income Tax at the higher or additional rate and want to receive the additional tax relief due to you, you must include all your Gift Aid donations on your Self-Assessment tax return or ask HM Revenue and Customs to adjust your tax code.

Keeping In Touch

While you remain a member we will keep you informed about our activities, but in the event of you not renewing your membership, we would like to be able to continue to keep in touch with you. To do this you must subscribe to our mailing list.

Membership Types and Rules

Last updated: August 2019

Annual membership runs from 1st August of one year to 31st October of the following year.


Annual fees are as follows:
Basic membership (includes Xmas concert) £20
Performing in any other concert an additional £10 per concert
Performing in a Gala evening an additional £30

People in full time education receive a 50% discount on all these fees.

Membership Admission

Admission to membership is at the discretion of the Trustees. Singers may be required to satisfy the Trustees as to their suitability, which will be subject to review from time to time.

The Trustees have the power to expel any member who contravenes the Charity’s rules or whose conduct, in the opinion of the Trustees, is not appropriate for membership.


Payments are due between 1st August and 31st October each year, although later payments are allowed for those who join after this date. No refunds are given if withdrawal takes place within two months of the event.

Social Events, Voting Rights and Committee Membership

Members will be invited to social events and are entitled to attend the appropriate rehearsals and performances. Members will be given notice of AGMs and EGMs.

Only paid up members have voting rights at AGMs and EGMs and can stand for Committee membership and become Trustees.