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Let Opera Worcester benefit from your skills.

From people with practical skills for making things like props, scenery and costumes to organisational skills, or creative skills in marketing, design, social media or fundraising: we are looking for individuals to become part of our Opera Worcester team.

Not sure that you have anything to offer?

Don’t forget that becoming a volunteer can help you develop new skills.  If you are thinking about a career change, or are interested in working in the theatre but need to gain experience, why not join us for a production? We are always in need of a spare pair of hands, you will learn a lot and become one of a hard-working backstage crew that brings a production to the stage every year.

Or perhaps you simply want to make new friends or try something different?

Previously known as Great Witley Operatic Society, we enjoy a reputation as a friendly and welcoming society. Our busy rehearsal nights are always in need of someone with excellent tea and coffee – or even cake – making abilities !

To speak to someone about how you can join our team. please visit our website or call 07396 081426 or email


Carl Freeman is Opera Worcester’s photographer.  Carl provides any photography Opera Worcester needs: from promotional photo-shoots, to photographs for the programme and press releases.  Carl also now provides the production photography.

“When I heard that Opera Worcester needed someone to take some photographs for them on a voluntary basis, I put my name forward. I am a keen amateur photographer and I love music so it seemed like a great opportunity. That was in the autumn of 2015. The fact that I am still doing it is probably a good indicator as to how much enjoyment I get from it. Taking photographs whilst listening to such talented singers and musicians during their rehearsals is an absolute privilege. I consider my role to be a peripheral one and I only put in a tiny amount of time and effort compared to everyone else. But I am treated as “one of the family” and that gives me an enormous sense of pride. ”

Catherine Warren is Opera Worcester’s Wardrobe Mistress. Catherine joined Opera Worcester in 1978 when the society was still known as GWOS. Catherine started by helping with props for the shows but since then has helped to dress numerous productions – including assisting with hair, wigs and makeup – from musicals to G&S, and now Grand Opera. Catherine works closely with the director and her role can involve anything from fitting and adapting costumes for every member of the cast and chorus to making sure the principals look their very best for a photo shoot. Nor does her work finish when the performances begin because very often Catherine continues to adjust and mend costumes during the run of the show. Catherine comments:  “It is varied, busy and challenging at times, but I thoroughly enjoy every minute and have made many friends”.